DECT Amplified Deluxe Phone with BT


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– Cell Phone Sharing Capabilities:- If you pair and connect your cell phone to your ClearSounds phone, you can use the phones together, in these ways:- Use the ClearSounds handset or base to place a call using your cell phone line- Use the ClearSounds handset or base to answer a call that was placed to your cell phone- Switch cell phone calls back and forth between your cell phone and the ClearSounds phone- Simultaneously converse on a landline call and a cell phone call using the ClearSounds handset and base- Cell Phone Sharing Advantages:- By using the ClearSounds A1600BT phone for a cell phone call, you enjoy A1600BT features that might not be available on the cell phone- Here are some of the features on your ClearSounds phone that you can use during a cell phone call:- No searching for the cell phone to place or receive a cell call on the ClearSounds phone. The cellphone must simply be within Bluetooth range of the ClearSounds base- Converse on the ClearSounds phone while your cell phone charges- Dial a cell phone call using the ClearSounds phone inbound calls list, redial list or phonebook- Enjoy the ClearSounds phone enhanced volume (including ringtone volume), enhanced visual ring notification and enlarged keys- Converse hands free using the ClearSounds phone speakerphone, headset or neckloop- Converse on the ClearSounds phone with no concern about cell phone signal dropout- Use the ClearSounds mute and hold features- While using the ClearSounds phone to converse on a cell phone line, receive or place a landline call at the same time

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