Novel Corona virus Awareness among the Elderly

With age comes an increased vulnerability to diseases and lowered immunity. That said the elderly are more likely to come to their demise than are the younger generation.

That should be a given, considering that the average human life only is 79 years. Still, this does not mean that we must have a complete disregard for their well-being. In fact, with the wisdom and knowledge they have compiled over the time, it is quite the opposite. The youth may be our future; however, the older generation is the foundation for growth to happen. Without them, comprehending the past would lead to us creating such a chaotic future. We would have nobody to explain to us the reasons for mankind’s past failures, if not for them. Although not all elderly does bring that, each individual has, in their own way contributed to society.

Should something be capable of wiping out all the elderly in one go, it would be a terrible loss not for the communities directly impacted by it but by the world. Yes, we can always turn to history books but there is a certain wisdom and understanding that only they can provide.

A Worldwide Problem

For this reason, the Corona Virus Pandemic has raised great concerns in countries and areas where many of them are left to fend on their own. This is not only because they have to pick up groceries and do errands for themselves but for the fact that the awareness, they may have on the pandemic may not be as heightened. Technical advancement has made it so we are able to spread information at the click of a button, however for those who were not born within that era, keeping up can be so much work.

How would they know is going on?

Government agencies all around the globe are trying their best to spread the news around through different media outlets, however, not every is fully equipped or knowledgeable to deal with such information. This leaves sharing information by word of mouth as the best option and thus is becomes are responsibility as technologically savvy individuals to make sure it gets through.

To save up time on research, we’ve compiled some of the best pointers that older individuals need to take note of. Have fun reading and passing along.

This Disease Dilemma

What is the Corona Virus Exactly? And why is it so deadly?

Everybody and anybody can catch COVID-19. Contrary to what the news says however, children are not as susceptible to the disease as are the elderly. However, this does not mean they will not or cannot pass on the disease. Also, on the spread of the virus, there is no definite parameter as to how to avoid it. There is no vaccine nor disinfectant to shield us from it. As of the moment, the best preventive measure is to remain at a safe distance from one another.

Social distancing, can be extremely hard for the aged. This poses a great dilemma for those who need the extra assistance in doing simple day to day activities such as those with underlying condition, especially since they are the ones more likely to contract the virus- also, the most likely to be struck or die from it.

And while the death rate is only at 15% this should be no laughing matter seeing as the numbers continue to rise day in and day out. Even those whom we’ve put on the front line of this global situation are no exemption to such risks.

Though it might seem bleak, we of course can make sure we protect ourselves and loved ones.

The Preventive Protocol

At times like this where the entire world seems to be on lock down, we have to help each other. The best way of doing so would be to create routines and habits focusing on sanitation and cleanliness on top of eating healthy and enriching foods. Whether you are among-st the elderly or are of the millennial era, this is one checklist you might want to keep on you.

  • Washing your hands

Even without the Corona Virus, our hands have always been the first reason for us falling sick. Having an estimated 1500 bacteria on each square centimeter, our hands are the number one culprit for the spread of diseases.

  • Well, how could they not?

Being able to touch and hold anything, these limbs are the most exposed of our body parts – actively exposed at least. Yes, our face does get a lot of exposure but it doesn’t really go around putting itself against different surfaces here and there.

  • Avoid Touching your face

Though this does have something to do with your hands still, there is a better awareness that you develop when you remind yourself not to touch your face. Of course, you could always wash or sanitize your hands, keeping them away from your airways even after washing would be much better.

Of course, no disinfectant or sanitizer have been proven to ward off the virus. It can also remain on surfaces for days or even weeks and thus instead of wiping every area of your house or belongings, you’d be much better off keeping your hands away from your face as much as possible.

  • Stay Calm

Now, this isn’t exactly a preventive measure, however it helps you improve your decision-making processes in this time of panic. Although some people do have the reason to do so, drowning yourself in the news does not really help anybody or yourself for the matter.

Take note of the early symptoms of the disease and steer clear of anybody who has fallen ill, has colds or is simply coughing. It may seem rude; however, this isn’t really the time to be concerned over that. Be calm and assess the situation that you are in. If you have loved ones

who show any symptoms of any sickness, it would be best to steer clear from them and keep them away from older individuals. Keep your local government hotline with you at all times, you never know when you might need to take the call. Again, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

To do all these properly you need sound judgment and a calm mind.

  • Maintain proper hygiene

There’s no saying which environment the virus thrives in. But you could never go wrong with cleaning up and regularly disinfecting your areas of work, sleep and etc. Although you may do this on the daily, taking extra precautionary measures wouldn’t hurt.

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