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Convenience in Age

Long lines, the heat, and boisterous crowds await you at the grocery store. And oh, there’s more! Your time, effort, and money being drained away as you scour from aisle to aisle searching for your daily essentials.

You try to stick to your list and somehow some things that were never part of the plan end up in your shopping cart. Well, that was a great plan.

Let’s face it. This is what happens with most people as they go grocery shopping.

This is why many convenience stores have opened up around us. Saving you the time and gas of traveling miles away from your home, these small shops give us the ease of buying daily essentials on the dot. While they do give the satisfaction of being “convenient” they don’t exactly have everything on the list, now, do they?

Of course, you can’t expect them to have everything. Also, they aren’t exactly easy to rush through. For youngsters or at least middle-agers and those younger, both that and grocery stores aren’t exactly a win-win. Imagine how much more of an “inconvenience” it would be for the elderly.

Seniors Struggling with Shopping?

Think of the odds. Amongst the elderly, aged 50 – 64, at least 60% of which are suffering from 1 chronic illness or more. Some barely move while others struggle to focus or remember. Yes, a list would probably cut if for those who find it hard to recall things, but that’s only part of the problem.

Walking around is not only very strenuous for most seniors but it can be quite frustrating when they end up touring through the aisles just to find the things that they need. On top of that, they have to deal with other people bumping into them, children running around and unavailable staff.

Now, it isn’t to say that all instances would be as such but who’s not to say this would happen. Also, there’s there are many other factors that could come in the way of doing the groceries. Besides the line and people, there’s the ‘drive’ and bathroom breaks to worry about.

So, what can you do?

Errand Services

In the past, hiring errand boys was common among the upper class. Today, anybody can get errand services so long as they have the money to pay for it. This has made it extremely convenient for those working on a busy schedule or for those who find it difficult to do such errands themselves.

For seniors, some of these include:

Mailing and shipping of packaged deliveries

Grocery Shopping

Picking up or purchasing home health supplies

Drop off services such as dry cleaning, prescriptions, and gifts

Meal delivery and

Car washes or vehicle services

Depending upon the company that you come across, such services have their own terms to abide by. Nonetheless, they are all convenient for you in their own way. So if you or anybody you know who is of age has things to be done or bought but cannot find the time or people to help them through their agenda, gladly walk them through the benefits of getting errands services.

Yes, it’ll cost more, but then again, convenience comes at a cost. Still, it’s a win-win for all.

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