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To provide the best service experience to our client

Our Mission
To provide quality services that will enable our clients to function at their maximized potential

Our Values
Provide services with integrity, thoroughness and consistency
Provide services with compassion and kindness
Provide proactive and consistent services
Work on continuous improvement

Our Store

Unlike any other online store you ever seen, our store products are hand picked by medical professionals to assist in maximizing the independence of seniors and people that are handi-capable.

We’ve taken the worry and confusion out of shopping for you and your loved ones. We provided you with real options that will meet both the safety needs and the independence needs that you have been looking for.

See our store today, for selections of products that will get you or your loved one started towards your path for safety and independence


Friend-In-Me L.L.C provides high-quality concierge services to seniors living in their homes. Many seniors are living independently but still struggle with day to day activities.

Our concierge staffs are compassionate and attentive to our client’s needs. We provide intermittent and continuous support to help preserve independence and quality living, so that way the seniors we serve never have to miss out on what life has to offer again.

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Saindyse Germain


Saindyse Germain is a Registered Nurse with a Masters degree in Nursing Leadership and Business Management. She has over 20 years experience in the nursing field.

Saindyse Germain is also a Certified Dementia Practitioner, Clinical Nurse Professor and has dedicated the current part of her career providing Consultation Services and health teachings through conference presentations and seminars.

Saindyse is passionate about “LIVING” and has dedicated her life to ensuring that others are living the quality life that they should be living.

Our Team

Michelle Osario

Director of Quality Management

Jorden Samuels

Chief Marketing officer

Vanessa Toussaint

Chief Information Officer